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Independent Fee Scale from 1st April 2018

at the Alder Road Dental Surgery in Parkstone, Poole

We are now pleased to be able to offer to our private patients an affordable payment plan which will include a supplementary insurance together with discount on treatment plans. 

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Examinations and Emergency Appointments    
New Patient Examination (including x-rays if required) from £70.00
Routine Examination from £38.00
Examination & Scale (if minimal deposits) from £53.00
Emergency Appointment up to £65.00
Two X-Rays from £24.00
Cleaning and Hygiene Appointments    
Scale & Polish with Dentist (15 minutes) from £49.00
Hygienist Appointment - Routine from £44.00
Hygienist Appointment - Extensive from £65.00
Temporary Filling from £28.00
Silver (Amalgam) Fillings from £75.00
White (Composite) Fillings from £82.00
Root Filling - Incisor from £180.00
Root Filling - Premolar from £220.00
Root Filling - Molar from £250.00
Extractions from £97.00
Re-cementing Existing Crown from £53.00
Tooth Coloured Crown from £525.00
Yellow Gold Crown from £585.00
Core for Crown from £98.00
Gold Post & Core for Crown from £120.00
Maryland Adhesive Bridge from £590.00
Fixed Bridge from £1005.00
Dentures - Plastic from £380.00
Dentures - Metal from £850.00
Dentures - Full Upper & Lower from £740.00
Denture Repairs from £64.00
Composite Veneers from £108.00
Porcelain Veneers from £420.00
Tooth Whitening from £325.00
- includes free tooth whitening from £3100.00
Facial anaesthetics
- (Lip and facial fillers) from £150.00
Failed Appointments or Late Cancellations from £28.00